Terms of Service


1) Definition of parties
Seller is Preben & Preben AS (Company number: 916 163 517), Nobels gate 18, 0268 Oslo, here referred to as "seller", "we", or "us".
Buyer is the person who is mentioned as buyer in the order, and will be referred to as "customer", "buyer", "you", or "yours". 

2) General terms
The general buyers terms is active for purchases of goods and services from https://fromnorge.com and its sub pages. 

The buyers terms and your purchase, confirmed by ordering, constitutes the terms of the purchase. Consumer purchases are among others regulated in the consumer purchase law, the marketing law, the privacy law, the online purchases law, and the credit purchases law.

If you are under 18 years old, we require approval from a caretaker. Goods purchased via ecommerce can mainly be delivered in the US and Canada. For other countries, please contact customer service.

All prices are displayed includinc VAT, and without shipping unless explicitly stated otherwise. The total cost will be displayed before the order is confirmed, and includes all taxes and fees related to the purchase. Vi behold the right to deny delivery on all products caused by print errors, wrong pricing, competition, and other causes.

3) Payment

The customers chooses their preferred payment method themselves. The actual payment will be handled by qualified payment providers. More specifically Stripe and Paypal, who are safe and secure electronic payment providers for Visa and Mastercard/Eurocard.

All information written in Paypal and Stripe, both personal data and card information, are encrypted and secured after the highest standards. All card information is stored according to the applicable laws of said card providers. You as an end customer, can feel completely safe about your data never getting in the wrong hands, and that they will never be shared with any third parties. 

We first secure, then charge the payments at the time the purchased goods ae shipped off to the customer. 

4) Shipping and delays

We ship with DHL. Shipments only in The United States and Canada. DHL normally deliver within 3-5 business days. During peak seasons, some minor delays can be expected

The delivery cost of $9 is paid by the customer, unless certain criteria are met. (these critera can be changed by us at our convenience) All prices and fees will be provided during te purchase process. When your package is sent, you will receive a confirmation by email. 

If the parcel is not successfully delivered and the customer wishes for a new shipping method, the cost typically falls on the customer.

Parcels that are not picked up or successfully delivered will be charged with a fee of $25, plus shipping. This is for us to be able to cover our costs for shipping both ways, fulfillment, and packaging. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the shipping address and phone number are correct, so we can inform you about your shipping status.

If one or more items are sold out, the other goods will be shipped as usual, and the payment for the sold out goods will be credited. We typically contact our customers if this is the case. The customer receives a confirmation of the credited goods by email.

5) The purchasing process
1. Pick out the desired products.
2. The shopping cart gives you an overview of your selected goods.
3. Choose shipping and payment method
4. *Optional registration of account
5. Confirmation of the order
6. Receiving confirmation of order by email
7. Receive tracking number

6) Responsibility and inspection of the goods 

The risk related to the products are transferred the customer as soon as the goods are are in their possession. After receiving the goods, the delivery should be inspected as soon as possible to ensure that; The shipment is correct according to the order confirmation, if the products have been damaged during the shipping process, or if there are other errors/deficits.

The customer is then responsible to inform us as soon as possible so we can have it sorted out in the best way possible.

7) Trade/right to regret

According to the law of internet purchases and the right to regret, this holds true for 14 days after the customer have received the goods they ordered. If you wish to utilize the right to regret, the goods needs to be returned in the exact same state as it was delivered in, along with the relevant form filled out.

The customer will, after having it approved by us, have the money they paid refunded. The return shipping is paid by the customer. 

8) Complaints/claims

If there are any production flaws or the product is broken, we will need to be informed of this within a reasonable time frame, by email. The customer will then be given instructions on how to proceed with the complaint.

9) Limitations

We are consistently doing our very best to ensure that the information we provide is as correct as possible, but are also aware there may be typos and spelling mistakes from time to time.

In situations of sold out products, we reserve the right to cancel the entire, or parts of orders. In rare situations like this, we will do our outmost best to find alternate solutions. 

The customer will then get the opportunity to either accept our new offer with the given changes, or to cancel their entire order.

The images used in our shop are for illustrative purposes only, and may appear slightly different in real life.

10) Personal information and other data 

We are incredibly concerned with personal information being handled securely. For the most part, we only handle information that is necessary for us to be able to deliver on our obligations to our customers. In relation to accounting, tax management, and guarantees and returns, we are obliged to store names, emails and addresses, among others. Credit card details are handled by a proficient supplier for payment services. Purchase history and log data is being used to learn more about what our clients are concerned with, as well as to improve our offerings and selection. Preben & Preben AS does not sell personal information to any third parties, and all information is being handled confidentially. We treat personal data according to relevant laws related to personal information.

We offer communication via email and sms. It is optional to receive this, and you can easily opt out at any time from your account page, the footer area of the emails, or by contacting us. We retain the right to be able to mail out promotional materials to registered customers, unless explicitly opting out of this by reaching out to us.

11) Customers duties
As a customer, you are responsible to pay the seller for what they are providing according to current terms. This responsibility also counts for other people's access or unwanted use, as long as it can be proven that it's not a result of sellers lack of attention. 

12) Changes to our terms
Seller retains the right to change or alter current terms. 

13) Extraordinary scenarios
Seller is not responsible for indirect loss of any kind as a result of buyer displaying exceptional lack of attention. 

14) Force majeur

If delivery, or re-delivery is inconveniently burdening as a result of work conflict or any other circumstance the parties have no say in, like fires, wars, mobilization, unforseen military involvement of similar scale, requisition, piracy, currency restrictions, uproar or civil unrest, lack of transportation vehicles, regular goods restrictions, as well as delays from subcontractors or producers as a result of these circumstances, seller is free for all responsibility apart from crediting full refunds limited to the purchasing amount itself.

15) Copyright
All content on FromNorge.com belongs to Preben & Preben AS or our suppliers, are protected by respective copyright laws. These laws include copyright-, marketing-, and laws related to trademarks. This means that all information, design, images and graphics under no circumstances can be downloaded, copied, or used unless explicit written approval by Preben & Preben AS.

16) Complaints
The parties shall try to resolve all complaints and arguments as best they can. If this is unsuccessful, the case can be brought up for the consumer council according to Norwegian law.

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