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Porsgrund Porselænsfabrik

Porsgrund Porcelain (link to Wikipedia) is an incredibly strong and traditional Norwegian brand. They have been making high-quality porcelain for way more than 100 years! Founded in 1885, it is a brand every Norwegian knows by heart. World-famous Norwegian artists like Theodor Kittelsen, Odd Nerdrum and Ferdinand Finne, among others, have enthusiastically crafted designs for them throughout history.

Their impeccable quality and attention to detail are some of the reasons it has become such a strong brand over time.

Here you can see how they craft their hand painted items:

Porsgrund Porselænsfabriks Stråmalere from Porsgrund Porselænsfabrik on Vimeo.

Recently, they have also incorporated the infamous, Norwegian "Marius" pattern onto their plates and mugs.

The Marius Pattern

There are no other symbols better able to show Norwegians' love for nature and the outdoors, than the fabled Marius pattern.

Originally designed by Unn Søiland in 1953, it became an icon almost instantly. Most, if not all Norwegians, have worn the pattern at some point in their lives, and it is frequently paired with a top hat and the traditional kvikk-lunch chocolate when hiking or cross-country skiing. 

The Marius pattern is by far the most popular knitting recipe in Norway throughout times. Unn even received the "King's Medal of Merit" for her pioneering efforts to develop Norwegian knitting traditions and designs, and for making Norwegian knitted products famous abroad.

We are incredibly proud to be able to sell this iconic pattern in America, and hope it will bring as much joy and nostalgia to Norwegian-Americans, as it's already doing for Norwegians living in Norway every day.

Hadeland Glassverk

Founded in 1762, Hadeland Glassworks (link to Wikipedia) has retained their quality and proud craftsmanship for more than 250 years.

Similar to Porsgrund, Hadeland Glassverk is an iconic brand for everything glass in Norway. In fact, most schools in it's proximity usually goes there to see how they make their glass at least once when growing up. - Something that speaks volumes of what a cultural impact they have had in Norway since the very beginning. 

Here you can see a video of one of their glass workers while he crafts and blows champagne glasses:

Hadeland Glassverk - Finn Champagne glass from Hadeland Glassverk on Vimeo.


Hadeland Glassverk is most famous for their "Norgesglass"-series, the infamous air-sealed jar that dramatically increased storing capacity and shelf life when first introduced to Norwegian consumers in 1906, as seen in a newspaper ad from that time. It later became the go-to storage container for making home-made jam from hand harvested fruits and berries, as well as being used for all and any other forms of preservation in the home kitchen.

Halvor bakke design

Halvor Bakke is a famous Norwegian interior stylist. Starting out with the Norwegian version of "Extreme makeover - home edition", he has later hosted several home decor shows on Norwegian TV, last known for his show "eventyrlig oppussing" where he gives cabins makeovers, effectively fusing the old and the new in magnificent ways.

His designs are often masculine and warm at the same time. His candle holders are one of the best selling products in our Norwegian sister-store, hyttefeber.no.
They have been featured in countless of his shows, and can even be found at high-end locations like world-famous boutique hotel "The Thief" in Oslo!


Artisan Nordic design at it's core, Lama has been producing hand-made home decor for way more than a decade.
They have been supplying some of the most well-known interior chains in Norway with their enticing and unique designs, and continue to renew themselves year after year.
Founded by LArs and MArianne - LAMA, their entire company was founded on a love story, thus making the unique Lama heart such a central theme of their brand.

Preben & Preben

Preben & Preben AS is the company behind Fromnorge.com and Hyttefeber.no.

It was founded by Preben Lugg and Preben Frenning in 2015, and still can still pride itself with a Preben density of a whopping 100%.

Our story

We have both been working for various startups, consulting and tech companies in the past, but found it to be too hectic for our taste. After working with technology for some time, you start missing the simple life, and feel a need to get back to basics in your pursuit for happiness.

Since both Prebens are Norwegians at heart, we tend to love the cabin life. And after the hectic life in the past, we learned to find peace in our sacred places, the cabins, in the Norwegian mountains.

This made us realize that cabin life is where it's at. People are getting increasingly stressed out living their busy cubicle-lives, bombarded by impulses from the almighty screens, day in and day out. We wanted to make a difference, to help people connect with themselves, nature, and their families again.

So we first started Hyttefeber.no in 2015, selling interior for Norwegian Cabins. A mix of modern and traditional designs, allowing anyone to adapt their cabin to their liking - whether they prefer nostalgia, comfort, modernism, or simply a hybrid of all of them.

Seeing how hyttefeber was an instant hit for Norwegians in Norway, we later realized there are literally millions of Norwegian-Americans longing for their Nordic roots.

The TV show called "Alt for Norge" (translates to "all for Norway") also happens to be one of our favorite Norwegian shows. A show where Norwegian-Americans compete to be the most Norwegian! The prize is to meet their Norwegian family.

It is such a feelgood show, and seeing how much the contestants miss their Norwegian heritage, we simply had no other choice than to expand to the United States to provide the essence of Norway to proud Americans nation-wide.


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