Return Policy

Returns and swaps

Responsibility and inspection of items 
The risk for the goods are transferred to the customer as soon as they are in the customers possession. After the customer has received their items, the delivery should be investigated as soon as possible to ensure that; the shipment is according to the order confirmation, if the products have been damaged during transit, or if they have other flaws/deficits. 

Swaps and right to regret

According to the Norwegian law giving consumers a right to regret, this right lasts for 14 days, starting from when the customer received their shipment. If you wish to take advantage of this right, the shipment needs to be returned in the exact same state they where delivered in, along with a filled out form. 

The customer will, after having their return approved, receive a refund for what has been paid. The return costs for shipping is paid by the customer. If the buyer has not received the form on paper or another lasting medium, the right to regret is extended to 3 months. The right to regret form shall be filled out with the store info upon receiving it. The right to regret is only applicable for genuine consumer purchases in relevant geographical locations where the law applies, and does not include commercial purchases made by companies. Feel free to read more in the form itself.


If there is a production error or other mistakes on any items, there must, within a reasonable time frame, be given a written response by email, to, about this. The customer will then be given instructions on how to proceed with the claim. The applicable laws related to consumer purchases can be found in the Norwegian law regarding consumer purchases.

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