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What are cookies, and what are they used for? uses cookies, as most other websites, according to Norwegian law. A cookie is data stored in your browser's cache, to give you a better and more user friendly experience on a website. uses cookies to help you get a better user experience, among other things. Vi also use cookies for statistics to learn more about what our customers care about so we can continuously keep improving our webshop.

What kind of information gets stored?
In the cookies, there will be information about: IP-address, browser, operating system, ISP, as well as data related to which pages gets visited, and when. We don't store information that can identify the user.

How to avoid cookies

If you want to avoid using cookies, you can set your web browser to not automatically accept cookies. See your browser's help section for more info about this. Please keep in mind that if you choose to not allow cookies, there will be several functions that will be unavailable on our website, and it might even not work at all.

Your data will never be handed out or made available for third parties outside of our company. External parties can only get access to our data if this is necessary to execute certain services for, with the anonymous data we inherit.

By using, you are accepting the use of cookies.

Personal information to third parties

Preben & Preben AS/ does not sell personal information to third parties, nor do we pass it on or trade it either. Outsiders can only get access to our data if it's absolutely necessary to execute services for Preben & Preben AS. In cases like that, we always abide by strict privacy agreements to protect our customers data.

Preben & Preben AS is responsible for treating your data as mentioned above.

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